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Vegetable oil is the perfect brain-eating toxin

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Vegetable Oil, the perfect brain-eating toxin, promotes brain disorders both directly and indirectly by impacting these systems:

  1. Gut. Inflammatory reactions in the gut influence brain health by way of the microbiota, the immune system and leaky gut.
  2. Lipoproteing. These serve as Troyan horses distributing the toxins to the brain and other target organs.
  3. Arteries. Vegetable oil disrupts the regulation of blood flow through the brain.
  4. White blood cells. Vegetable oil turns our immune system against us, causing food and infectious diseases to trigger nerve degenerating reactions.
  5. Nerve cellular architecture.  Veg oils cause an overload of oxidative reactions inside the cell leading to the accumulation of the mobility. When it affects our gray matter, we lose our personalities and our connections to the world.

How fast food causes birth defects

Eating vegetable oil doesn’t just mess up your arteries. Those disruptive free radicals can interfere with nearly everything a cell might need to do , leading to almost any disease you can name. At no point in our life cycle is the disruption more devastating that while we’re developing in the womb.

In 2006, when researchers tested the flood of mothers whose babies were boring with congenital spinal and heart defects, they found evidence of oxidative stress, exactly what you would expect to find in someone eating lots of vegetable oil. In 2007, an article in Genes to Cells showed how oxidative stress can disrupt hormone production and interfere with hormonal responses, suggesting that woman who consume veg oil while pregnant are increasing their child risk of all kinds of growth deformities and disease.

So if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant, banish vegetable oil and food containing vegetable oil from your kitchen and get the stuff out of your life for good.

Resources: Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, MD

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