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Sanela Kisic – A Guiding Star in the Universe of Wellness

In the vast cosmos of health and wellness, Sanela Kisic rises as a celestial guide, steering us through a transformative odyssey that transcends mere nourishment to explore the very essence of beauty and well-being. As an Expert Nutrition Consultant and Weight Loss Guru, Sanela stands at the unique intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, her voice resounding as a profound yet revolutionary anthem in the quest for holistic wellness.

Sanela’s pioneering journey commenced with the seminal work, “Change Your Diet, Change Your Life.” Like the first beams of dawn, this book illuminated the horizon of intermittent fasting, forever altering our understanding of nutrition and longevity. It was the genesis, the first chapter in a series that would serve as a holistic ecosystem for eternal wellness.

Following this luminous beginning was “Healthy Eating Made Simple,” a masterstroke that demystified the convoluted world of nutrition, echoing the joy found in the simplicity of nourishing both body and mind. It was more than a book; it was a clarion call, urging us to return to the roots of natural nourishment.

With “Beyond Calories” and “Hormones Over Calories,” Sanela delved into the labyrinthine intricacies of sustainable weight loss and hormonal balance. Her narrative transformed, painting vivid tapestries that encapsulated the nuanced relationship between food, metabolism, and our very sense of self.

“The Gut-Weight Nexus” and “Cleanse, Heal, Renew” then took us on a more intimate journey, one that probed the depths of our inner worlds. These masterpieces awakened a collective consciousness about the symbiotic relationship between gut health, emotional well-being, and the art of holistic living.

In “Forbidden Fruits of Longevity,” Sanela unlocked the Pandora’s box of ageless existence, offering readers the alchemic blend of ancient rituals and cutting-edge science. This wasn’t just a book; it was a key, a key to a realm where age is merely a state of mind, body, and soul.

Each book in the series is a celestial body in the galaxy of her work, illuminating various paths to holistic wellness. But Sanela’s narrative extends far beyond the written word. Her humanitarian endeavors, notably her active participation in global initiatives like ’21st Century Leaders’ and ‘Whatever it Takes,’ signify her unwavering commitment to fostering collective health and harmony on a global scale.

Sanela’s passion for holistic beauty and well-being transcends the pages of her books, blossoming into the exquisite botanical skincare line, “My Nutriality.” This range mirrors her commitment to nurturing radiant skin through products grounded in the rich repository of ancient wisdom paired with modern scientific innovation.

Sanela Kisic is not just an author; she is a visionary, a humanitarian, and a literary alchemist. Her series is a curated experience, a woven tapestry of age-old wisdom and contemporary insights, and it invites you on a transformative journey. As you turn each page, you’re not merely reading—you are embarking on a voyage, a voyage towards a life of radiant health, timeless beauty, and boundless potential.

Over ten books, she has transformed the landscape of holistic health, linking modern science with ancestral wisdom. Now, she concludes her epic journey with a magnum opus that is destined to become the touchstone of wellness literature: “Transform Your Universe: A Monumental Journey through Time and Science to Unveil the Ultimate Secrets to Lifelong Wellness and Radiance.”

Symbolized by the Phoenix on its cover, this book is not just the end—it’s a new beginning. It beckons the reader to rise from the ashes of outdated health paradigms, offering a rebirth through unparalleled insights into hormonal balance, radiant beauty, and lasting wellness.

So, are you prepared to set sail into the cosmic ocean of wellness, guided by Sanela Kisic, your North Star? If so, your journey toward unparalleled transformation has just begun.



"Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in."


Personal Story:

Sanela Kisic is an internationally recognized fine artist. She is a member of the 21st Century Foundation, along with A-list Hollywood stars, Nobel Prize winners, royal family members, and many other famous celebrities around the world. Sanela is three-time Army Honor Medal recipient, the highest honor given to a civilian by the U.S. Army generals for outstanding performance and service. She has also received many medals and appreciation awards and letters from other high-ranking officers in the U.S. military.

Many international humanitarian organizations including UNHCR, OHR, and World Vision honored Sanela with outstanding achievements awards for her humanitarian services.

Sanela was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in southern Europe. She was 17 years old when the war broke out in her country and had to leave behind the life she knew. Sanela has seen all the horrors and unfairness that the war can bring: hunger, fear, loss of freedom.

Upon moving to the United States, she made it her mission to help others in any way she can. As a big-hearted philanthropist, Sanela is involved with humanitarian organizations, including Whatever it Takes and Woman for Woman International.

All the advice I give to my customers I have first applied and tested on myself in a certain way. I believe this is the way to go. I have always eaten healthily, I was very aware of the importance of a healthy diet, and that has always been my lifestyle. I have also always been very active, doing gymnastics and other sports. I love to cook and it is very important to me to use organic, and quality products. However, when I entered my forties, I experienced something I didn’t really expect, and that is the appearance of so-called adult acne. The body gave me a signal that I needed to correct more things in my diet, my diet was healthy, but there was something that did not suit my body. And I always tell clients to listen to the body and to correct what the body requires to be corrected.

In my case, the culprit was the body’s hypersensitivity to gluten.
Long-term consumption of wheat products has caused intestinal permeability. In layman’s terms, the walls of the intestine leaked food particles that would not otherwise be allowed to enter the bloodstream, so the body is, “confused” by these events, and it begins to attack itself. That’s how I got adult acne, which is an autoimmune disease. By the way, it is just one of many autoimmune diseases caused by leaky gut. By correcting my diet, I solved my problem very quickly and returned my body to balance. But even that was not enough because I was still taking gluten and harmful chemicals into my body through my skin.

Unfortunately, I have experienced on myself that the various chemicals in cosmetics are just as harmful as if you consumed them orally. Our skin absorbs everything and it all comes into the bloodstream and harms our health. Otherwise, if we use good cosmetics based on natural ingredients, it will affect our overall health. Along with a healthy diet, we also need healthy cosmetics and that is a very simple principle. If we eat healthily and ingest harmful chemicals through the skin, we have achieved nothing but spinning in a circle. So I decided to complete our healthy life style program with the 100% Botanical skin line that is very good for your skin and the body as whole. This potent, luxurious and 100% plant based skin line now completes our program with satisfied customers all over the world.