Ebook Feasts of Time Part Two by the Author Sanela Kisic


Feasts of Time Part Two: Holiday Revival – Detoxifying Dishes for Post-Holiday Rejuvenation


In “Feasts of Time Part Two,” the renowned Master Nutritionist, Celebrated Author, and Visionary CEO of My Nutriality

Sanela Kisic extends her culinary narrative into the realms of rejuvenation and renewal, presenting a treasure trove of detoxifying recipes designed to restore and invigorate in the wake of holiday indulgence. This sequel to the cherished “Feasts of Time Part One” not only continues the journey of culinary wellness but also marks a pivotal chapter in Sanela’s illustrious ten-book series, renowned for its fusion of gastronomic artistry and nutritional insight.

This book is an exquisite guide to recalibrating your body and spirit after festive excesses, blending time-honored traditions with innovative approaches to healthful eating. Each recipe in this collection is a celebration of rejuvenation, offering dishes that both cleanse the body and delight the senses. You’ll embark on a day-long journey of nourishment, starting with revitalizing breakfasts, moving through refreshing lunches, onto nourishing dinners, and concluding with light, uplifting desserts.

Sanela’s engaging and empathetic writing style turns each recipe into an intimate dialogue, filled with personal anecdotes, nutritional wisdom, and practical tips for maintaining balance and wellness through food. The book transcends the boundaries of a traditional cookbook, emerging as a companion for those seeking not just culinary inspiration but a comprehensive approach to a healthful lifestyle.

“Feasts of Time Part Two” is a vital piece in the mosaic of Sanela’s ten-book series, which encompasses a broad spectrum of topics from dietary changes, hormone balance, gut health, to the art of eating for wellness. Each book in this series is a standalone masterpiece, yet together, they form a comprehensive guide to a life of health, vitality, and culinary enjoyment.

As readers immerse themselves in the rejuvenating journey of “Feasts of Time Part Two,” they can also look forward with excitement to Sanela’s future endeavors. Her ongoing quest to explore the intersections of food, health, and joy promises new adventures and discoveries in the world of nutrition and culinary arts. Sanela’s upcoming works are poised to continue this journey, offering fresh insights and innovative recipes that cater to the evolving needs and desires of health-conscious food enthusiasts.

“Feasts of Time Part Two” is not just a continuation of a culinary saga; it’s an invitation to partake in a lifestyle that values health, happiness, and the unending pleasures of the table. Join Sanela Kisic in this captivating exploration, and be part of a transformative culinary adventure that extends well beyond the pages of this book.

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