EBook Feasts of Time Part One by the Author Sanela Kisic


Feasts of Time Part One: A Culinary Journey Through Tradition and Health


“Feasts of Time Part One,” authored by the distinguished Master Nutritionist, Celebrated Author, and Visionary CEO of My Nutriality Sanela Kisic, stands as a testament to the beautiful confluence of culinary tradition and modern health consciousness. This book takes you on an enchanting journey, celebrating the diverse tapestry of global holiday customs through the art of nutritious cooking. Sanela, with her captivating writing style and profound nutritional expertise, guides you through a world where each recipe is not just a dish, but a story – a harmonious blend of culture, history, and wellness.


Within these pages lies a cornucopia of recipes that pay homage to ancestral culinary legacies while skillfully catering to the contemporary health-focused lifestyle. From richly flavored starters to delectable main courses, each recipe is a culinary masterpiece, meticulously crafted with Sanela’s fervent passion for nourishment and her exquisite artistic touch. These dishes are not only a feast for the palate but also nourish the soul, making every meal a delightful sensory experience.

“Feasts of Time Part One” transcends the boundaries of a typical cookbook. It is an odyssey through the vibrant seasons of festivity, providing insightful glimpses into the historical significance of various holiday foods and their evolution over time. As you delve into these pages, you are invited to discover more than mere recipes; you embark on a journey to uncover rich stories and traditions, gaining a fresh perspective on how food can profoundly enrich our bodies and our spirits.

But the journey doesn’t end here. As you savor the last page of “Feasts of Time Part One,” your culinary adventure is merely beginning. This book sets the stage for the eagerly anticipated sequel, “Feasts of Time Part Two: Holiday Revival.” Here, the focus shifts to rejuvenation and renewal – a perfect complement to the indulgent feasts of the holiday season. Your curiosity will be piqued as you anticipate a collection of recipes designed for post-holiday revitalization, continuing the journey of celebrating food as a source of health, history, and happiness.

Join Sanela Kisic in this exquisite exploration of culinary wonders. “Feasts of Time Part One” is not just a book; it’s an invitation to a world where every meal is a celebration, every recipe a story, and every bite a step closer to wellness. Prepare to be enchanted and stay tuned for the continuation of this extraordinary culinary saga in “Feasts of Time Part Two.

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