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My Nutriality Uses Convenience of Technology and 24/7 Support to Help Individuals Achieve Personal Health and Wellness Goals

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Founder Sanela Kisic was inspired to create My Nutriality based on her own wellness journey and desire to help others live their healthiest lives

My Nutriality, a healthy lifestyle company committed to helping individuals reach their wellness goals through customized programs and 24/7 access to registered dieticians and personal trainers, has launched nationwide. The My Nutriality team of experts works with individuals to create programs tailored to their individual needs, comprised of five pillars – Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, Vitality and Self Discovery – to help them reach their wellness goals and feel complete, happy and healthy.

The My Nutriality app gives people all the tools they need in one place to not only achieve their immediate goals, but to continue on a healthy lifestyle path for the rest of their lives. Inside the app, individuals will find custom created meals, tailored video workouts and ways to track their results. Another perk is the one-on-one video conferencing and text messaging availability with all My Nutriality professionals.

A Revelation That Launched a Company

 My Nutriality was founded by Sanela Kisic, who was inspired to create the company after realizing how changes in her own lifestyle improved her health and wellness. Growing up with great skin, Sanela was shocked to find herself fighting acne in her late thirties. She consulted a dermatologist and was prescribed a number of topical medications that made no difference. Her dermatologist suggested the drug Accutane as a next step, but after reading about the side effects associated with it, Sanela declined.

After doing her own research, Sanela learned about leaky gut and its connection to skin issues, among a number of other issues. She then educated herself further about the connection between food and health and realized that she was approaching her acne all wrong. If she wanted to clear it, she needed to start from the inside out. Once Sanela changed her diet by eliminating certain foods, she realized that not only was her acne gone, but her skin was actually glowing and her energy level had skyrocketed. These dramatic results inspired Sanela to create My Nutriality.

“After seeing firsthand how simple changes in my lifestyle improved my overall health and wellness, I made it my mission in life to help others make similar changes to improve the quality of their own lives,” said Sanela Kisic, My Nutriality Founder and CEO. “I want people to know that it’s never too late to make a change, and you don’t have to do it alone. The My Nutriality team of experts provide 24/7 support to help people stay on track with their customized meal and workout plans, and learn to live overall healthier lives.”

Giving Back

In addition to wanting to help people live their best lives at home in the US, by creating My Nutriality, Sanela is also hoping to give back to her native Bosnia. Growing up in Bosnia in her teens, Sanela experienced firsthand the horrors of the Bosnian War in the 90s, from which, more than twenty years later, the country has still not recovered. People remain hungry, homeless and angry.

Sanela feels grateful for her life in the US, and wants to use her good fortune to help others in her home country. It is Sanela’s hope that Bosnia will one day be restored to its pre-war days. Eventually, Sanela hopes to use the profits from My Nutriality to open her own foundation in the US that gives directly to the people in Bosnia that need help. She wants to provide everything from housing, food, clothing – anything they need to help get their lives on track.

About My Nutriality

My Nutriality is healthy lifestyle consulting company. Our professional team of Registered Dietitians and Certified Personal Trainers is ready to help you reach your goals. We are using the most advanced systems on the market today to help you achieve lasting results. We know that everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all approach, which is why our professionals will create a tailored program to fit your specific needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, improve performance, or just achieve better general health, your professional will make sure that what they put in your hands is right for you. Our individualized meal plan and fitness workout program will give you everything you need to start creating lasting results today. Lean more at www.mynutriality.com.

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